1 Brave Friend

1 Brave Friend

Hey there! We're building a next-generation social growth platform that helps people learn and grow with their friends.

What is 1 Brave Friend?

1 Brave Friend is a dedicated space for learning about other cultures, communities and identities, done through entertaining and informative content created by members of the communities themselves.

Learn and grow Passive learning through a range of content types, curated for you and delivered daily
Measured progress A clear structure for maintaining social growth, like nothing else that currently exists
Authentic creators Video, music, writing, art and more, all created by real people you can follow directly
Friendship at the core Join your friends, learning with them is linked to better retention and enjoyment

Why do we need this?

People generally want to be good, but circumstances in life create echo chambers. Current social platforms magnify these, driving people apart and can make people feel punished, attacked and confused when their echo chambers overlap.

1 Brave Friend aims to be different. We know that people have different lived experiences, and aim to provide a platform that caters for all, where being wrong is okay and becoming socially aware is a joyous, rewarding experience.

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